Conclave 2021
Click on the link above for a video of the 2021 Conclave held at Big Bear Lake, CA

Another video of Conclave 2021. This one taken by visitors who have never before seen a Healey.
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If you have a half hour to spare and are interested in how the C-series engine was made, these three Pathe News files are well worthwhile. In this day and age they are now available on YouTube. Please excuse the commercials but this is was made, after all, 2015.
Engine Part One
Engine Part Two
Engine Part Three

Thanks to Patrick Quinn

Conversation with Norman Nock. A MUST SEE!

Ocean Grove, NJ is a one square mile religeous retreat built in the late 1800's featuring true historic Victorian houses and modified tents.  
Church services and other religious meetings are held here daily during the summer season as well as concerts on the weekends in the 5,000 seat auditorium featuring symphonys, recitals and shows featuring groups such as the Beach Boys and Doo Wap artists from the 50's and one of the largest pipe organs in the United States.
In 2009, this quaint community allowed the Positive Earth Drivers Club (my club!) to take over both sides of two blocks of the main street for a show at which
approximately 120 British cars including a dozen Healeys were featured.
The 2010 show had approximately 130 cars in the show. The 2011 show had 130 cars and due to space constraints, we had to turn others away.
More space was allocated for the 2012 show and we had 140 cars in the show. The 2013 show, again was sold out even though there were occasional sprinkles.

The 2013 Show Photos.
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The 2012 Show Photos.
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The 2011 Show. Photos and Video.
Mea Culpa! Meant to say 3000 instead of 300.

Brits on the Beach, Ocean Grove, NJ 2010 VIdeo

Brits on the Beach, Ocean Grove, NJ 2009 Part One
Brits on the Beach, Ocean Grove, NJ 2009 Part Two
Drive in an Austin Healey

Speculative Austin Healey Commercials - What might have been in todays world.

Canadian Grand Prix Drivers Parade

Canadian Grand Prix Drivers Parade, Ground Level

Click on the above link to see a model F-14
Click on the above link to see a model AirBus
Click on the above link to see a model B-29 and watch to the end for a surprise
Click on the above link to see a model B-52