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In general, the Moss Motors Video site and MG Guru Site have excellent technical articles. First, go to Michael Salter's Blog at:
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 Don Hardie's Healey 100 Articles  
(Articles collected over the years and graciously donated to this site by Don)
See Steve Thornton's excellent site for articles covering many exotic modifications.
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Article Subject/Link
BJ8 Convertible Top Installation By Steve Byers with Photos.
BJ8 Top Installation Instructions    Courtesy Jim Werner
Dash Lamp Removal BJ8   Courtesy Jim Werner
Fresh Air Duct Extension For ease in installing fresh air ducts.
Hard Top ID    Courtesy Jim Werner
Paint Codes Original BMC Paint Codes showing mixing ratios, etc of primary colors.
Parcel shelf for a BT7   Click on the included link for measurements, etc.
Sidescreens Descriptions for various models

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Article Subject/Link
Bleeding Drum Brakes Complete with Photos.
Brakes. Bosch catalog
Brake and Master Cylinder information Girling catalog contains their part numbers and brake and cylinder sizes.
Brake Light Switch Tip   Courtesy Jim Werner
Emergency Brake Cable Installation    Courtesy Jim Werner
Front Brakes - conversions to disks
Servo Servicing           Courtesy Jim Werner
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Article Subject/Link
Dashboard Refinishing     Courtesy Jim Werner
Tunnel Carpet install       Two page instructions on the installation of tunnel carpets
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All articles in this section should be read together as they are somewhat interrelated.
Competition from Sports Cars Illustrated 1958 (External Link) Courtesy Rick Wilkins
Healey with a V8 PUNCH Courtesy Patrick Yoas
More Horsepower for your Healey PDF Courtesy Patrick Yoas
More Horsepower for your Healey Microsoft Docx format loads faster
Ruddspeed modifications 1960 Courtesy Patrick Yoas
AH Le Mans conversion From Motor Sport magazine, February 1956
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Article Subject/Link
All About Everything Electrical  From the MG Guru but applicable to Healeys.
All About Relays Everything you need to know.
All things about Fuses and Relays Originally written for a Sprite but is relevant.
Alternator Installation  (Denso Alternator Conversion)
BJ8 Driving Light Switch Addition   Courtesy Jim Werner

Electronic Voltage Regulator and Dynamo. Many technical electrical articles.
Electronic Voltage Regulator. Not for the faint of heart.
Four Way Flasher Installation    Courtesy Jim Werner

Horn Repair    Courtesy Jim Werner
LED usage External site.
Lucas Parts Numbering System  Courtesy J. Scott Morris.
Trim Your Antenna    Courtesy Jim Werner
Under the dash wiring   Word document pictures
Wiper Motor Repair Tip      Courtesy Jim Werner
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Article Subject/Link
Coolant system drain taps By Simon Lachlin
Crank Shaft Failures by Michael Salter
FIring order of a 6 cylinder engine -- 15 too young -- 36 too old--  24 just right Not a link.
Installing K&N Air Filters    Courtesy Jim Werner
Oil pan-Aluminum Long email discussion on the merits and demerits of these.
Rocker Arm Rebuild         Courtesy Jim Werner
Starter Dog Nut Tip    Courtesy Jim Werner
Thermostat Check Device Check your thermostat while in the car.
Thermostat functions by Simon Lachlan
Thermostat Tips    Courtesy Jim Werner
Valve Adjustment BN1 Written for a four cylinder Triumph but the procedure is essentilly the same.
Water Valves (Taps) Courtesy Simon Lachlan
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 Fuel System
Article Subject/Link
Choke Return Spring Tip    Courtesy Jim Werner
Fuel Pump protection instead of a Diode  Interesting article. Source for Transils is at:
Mouser Electronics  their part number 625-1.5KE24CA-E3
SU Carb and Fuel Pump Manual Very long 84 page manual in PDF format.
Three HD6's on a BT7 Instructions on converting twin carbs to tri-carb  
Tuning SU Carburetors 1955 Article (Takes a while to load)
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Article Subject/Link
Fuel Gauge Condensation    Courtesy Jim Werner
Fuel Gauge Tips     Courtesy Jim Werner
Fuel Gauge Repair When on the site, click on each photo for full narrative.
Safety Gauge Installation For a Triumph but the technique is the same.
Speed Calculator Opens in an XLS window
Speedometer Calibration Another site to use. Take your Pick.
Speedometer Repair Smith's/Jaeger Manual
Temperature Gauge Repair External site for a Plymouth but should be applicable.
Trafficator Repair Very long PDF file.
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Article Subject/Link
Heater Control Cable Replacement    Courtesy Jim Werner
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Article Subject/Link
Distributor Information    Courtesy Jim Werner
Ignition Timing Specs   Courtesy Jim Werner
Ignitor Ignition    Courtesy Jim Werner
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Article Subject/Link
Drivers Side Heat Shield BT7  It can be printed at 1:1 and then used as a pattern. Kinko's or blueprinters can print it onto 24" X 36" paper.
Super Insulating           Courtesy Jim Werner
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Article Subject/Link
Annealing washers to make them oil tight External link to another site.
(Courtesy James Wilson
Bolt Codes Page Two (in Excel Format)
Caster oil tips Everything you need to know about Caster oil
Cheap Signs          Courtesy Jim Werner    
Chrome Exhaust Tips       Courtesy Jim Werner
Creased Bonnet on a BN6     Courtesy Jim Werner
Cruise Control Installation           
Drip Pan Fabrication  Keep Oil off of your garage floor.
Fasteners for a BN2 This is an Excel spreadsheet that has been recently updated. The lines in gray have yet to be identified. More updates will be forthcoming.
Oil Formulation Letter from Castrol
Oil History, additivies, ZDDP Courtesy Moss Motors
Penetrating Oil Showdown Which is best!
Restoration of blackness on tools (Parkerizing) See ordering information in the Miscellanous section of the Parts Suppliers page.
Road Rules for Group Tours    Courtesy Jim Werner
Steve Gerow's WONDERFUL Tech Tips. A must view!       If you can not find it elsewhere on this site, look here!
Technical Trivia    Courtesy Jim Werner
Water on Knees   Courtesy Jim Werner
Wire Wheel Removal    Courtesy Jim Werner
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 My Modifications
Article Subject/Link
Addition of a new fuse block, mechanical brake light switch, third brake light, illuminated reflectors, fuel pump inertia switch, fusing the fuel pump, installation of Tow Eyes and Tie Down Hooks. Also, installation of a PCV Valve on a BN6, Coolant Overflow Reservoir, Heater cold air duct fastening and Clutch and Brake Pedal Extensions
Click on the links below to view specific items
(More modifications to come such as installation of a second fuel pump in parallel with a cutover switch on the parcel shelf, as I get to them on my to do list.)
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 Overdrive and Transmission
Article Subject/Link
 BN1 Gear box. Identification of gears   Complete with Photos   
Drive Shaft Balancing   Courtesy Jim Werner
Refers to an installation on a TR but is the same unit as on Healeys.
Overdrive dismantling and repair  Lots of Photos    
Overdrive Oil Study External link to the study
Overdrive Pump Pressure Gauge   Courtesy Jim Werner  
OD Relay Repair and Testing
Overdrive Videos Must see even if you are not rebuilding yours.
The Overdrive. Definitive explaination of the Overdrive
Two Cent Overdrive Repair         Courtesy Jim Werner

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Article Subject/Link
Audible Flashers  A video is on YouTube at: Video of Audible Flashers

BJ8 Rear View Mirror   Courtesy Jim Werner
Four Way Flasher Installation    Courtesy Jim Werner
Third Brake Light   See Important Links page Parts Section for a cheaper price for the same item than is shown in the article! See also My Modifications section on this page.
Tire Information    Courtesy Jim Werner
Tire Safety US Government Site    Page after page of information about tires
Truing Tires on wire wheels Not for the faint hearted
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Article Subject/Link
Reinforced Mounts for Koni Shocks Steve Gerow's solution including drawings and photos.
Koni Shock Installation Nice to view before a purchase.
Replacing Rear Springs      Courtesy Jim Werner
Shock Catalog Combination of two articles. See World Wide Parts in the Suspension section of the Vendors page to order.
Shock Absorber Information      Courtesy Jim Werner    
Wheel Bearing Notes       Courtesy Jim Werner     
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Article Subject/Link
Replacing a Stator Tube    Courtesy Jim Werner
Removing Turn Signal Switch     Courtesy Jim Werner
Steering Wheel Replacement    Courtesy Jim Werner
Trafficator Repair Lots of details and photos.
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 Wiring Harness
Article Subject/Link
How to Install a New Wiring Harness    Courtesy Jim Werner
Updated Wiring Written for an MG but adaptable to your Healey.
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 Don Hardie's Healey 100 Articles

100 TECHNICAL Takes a while to load!
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