This list is by no means complete and is updated almost daily.
No representation is made as to the trustworthiness of any vendor listed herein. with the exception of those noted in the
 "My Modifications" section for whom I have personal experience.
Some businesses are "one man shows" and while they do excellent work and are highly recommended, they may not be as responsive as one would like. Be patient.
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Site Description

Cape International. Source for hard tops and parts.
Kochs Steering Wheel Repair. California

Ronan Moulding cutter

Yester year Steering Wheel Restoration. In Australia.

Quick-Glow. Cleaner and Polisher for grills.

Woolies. Source for Furflex.
Clark Spares. Source for Furflex.

Graves Plating. Chrome plating.
House of Silver. Located in Canada. Highly recommended for your  Chrome Plating needs.
Brite Metal Inc. Plating in Frankfort, KY

Eastwood. Source for Black crinkle high temp aerosol anong a plethora of other paints.

Replacement heater core. For BN1 through 6. Holden Vintage and Classic  

John Skinner, Ltd. Manufacturer of upholstery located near London

Restore a Finish. For wooden steering wheels and BJ8 dashes.

Woolies, England. Source for Armorcord and much, much more.

Smooth Line Hard tops for all models.

Juiliano's Hot Rod Parts. Located in Connecticut. Source for jute carpet underlay.

Brightworks, Piqua, Ohio
Passionately restoring brightwork for the world's finest rolling art.

CocoMats. Manufacturer of period correct coconut fiber mats.

APS Tower Paint Company. Custom mixes touch up paint in bottles with a brush in the cap based on the ICI code that you furnish. Also available in Aerosol cans.
Steele Rubber. Source for rubber parts and installation tools.  #33-0507-62 for the sidescreen bumper and #33-0349-87 for the Bracket bumper.  
Rightway Heritage Trimming, Rich Chrysler's son Geoff. Geoff's telephone number is 250-813-2090. VERY highly recommended for upholstery/trim work.  

Automotive Touch Up. Sells paint in what is purported to be proper color formulation in spray cans.

B-Quiet. Vendor for all types of sound deadening products.

Convertible Top Guys. Source for tops.
Anglo Parts, Belgium.

A source for two piece dash piping.
Fatmat. The link takes you to the company that makes it so that you may see a description. eBay has many listings for this in various sizes. Recommended by some Healey Listers. Marketed as a sound deadener but can be used as a heat shield.

Jorge Cervera
858 3rd Avenue Suite # 242
Chula Vista, CA 91911

619-948-6972 (C)

No Web Site. Places many items on EBay.

New Fuel Tanks, seat pans, splash aprons and many other items.

Jean Caron. Source for hand made spare tire straps for a BN6 and BN7. The link takes you to his email where you can ask him to make one for you. They are copied from an original. Located in Canada. I have one. Worth the wait!  

Metal Adhesives to bond body parts.   

Kilmartin Sheet Metal. Frames, sheetmetal parts and other parts. You can order direct from Kilmartin or use one of their US vendors such as British Car Specialists, Healey Surgeons, Just Brits and Moss. A catalog direct from Kilmartin will be posted soon. In the meantime, you can view one on the British Car Specialists web site

Chrome round trim ring for the shifter on a BJ8.

AutoFarm. Source for Fuji Lock Nuts.

Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated Nuts, Bolts, etc. of all standards - BSF, UNF, Metric, etc. If they don't have it, then it probably never existed.

Spaenaur. Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Shims and a lot more.
Namrick in Great Britain. All types of nuts and bolts among other items.

Source for Aluminum and Chrome paint.
Manufacturer of paints. Site has color chips. Not as good as the Pikovnik book which is a must for all Healyphiles. If you do not know of the book, contact me.

British Car Keys

Replacement Keys
Clarks Spares.
If you need a VIN plate this is the place plus other hard to find parts. Also many, many other small parts.

Classic Car Decal Sets

Heritage Upholstery & Trim. The Best.

Jule Replacement Frames. A lot of technical information also.

Source for KoolMat.

MacGregor Car Parts. Bristleflex and MUCH more. The prices and colors on the web site are 6 years out of date. Martin MacGregor says that there are many more colors available and the prices are higher. Call or email him and he will call you back and offer to send you color samples. Simply the best.

MacGregor Car Parts. Source for weather seal on the bottom of windscreens.

New and remanufactured parts. NOS parts.

Pamela David Enamels. Located in England. Look at the web site for details,

Cloissene Badges/repair. Simply the best  and acclaimed as such by most Healey owners. Web site has been under construction for several years but contact them anyway! They are too busy with their repair business. They respond quickly to telephone and email. or phone +44 (0) 1769 520536   

Karla Maxwell Enamels. Highly recommended California craftsperson who restores items shown at Pebble Beach.

Side curtain bags, Luggage Straps and a link to Mr. Finespanner's hydraulic lines.

Screws, Grommets, Weather Stripping, window channel material and a plethora of other items not found anywhere else.

McMaster and Carr. Thousands of fasteners, tools, almost everything.

Customized steering wheels in a variety of different woods. Click on the photos to see the different finishes, etc.

For the background of this type of steering wheel, click below:

For Chrome and other types of plating. Victoria Plating in Canada.

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Site Description

AH Spares. Source for disc brake parts.

Speedway Motors. Source for brake light pressure switches.

Automec. Source for pre-bent brake lines and Clutch slave bleed extension plus clips, pipe bending tools, fittings etc.

Hydro Boost located in Australia. Recommended source for brake boost units.

Fed Hill. Source for brake lines and fittings.

Front Disk brake conversion kit available from Dennis Welsh

C H Topping, Co. Located in Long Beach, CA. Very highly recommended for relining shoes, turning drums and arcing shoes to fit. In business since 1932 and very inexpensive.

Link to the page showing various brake fluid testers. Many other items are on this site.
Classic Tube. Manufacturer of Stainless Steel brake lines.

Sierra Automotive. Restoration of brake and clutch components.  

Pegasus Racing. Source for BN1 Brake cylinder rebuild kits.
 Apple Hydraulics

 Rebuilder of shocks, brakes, carburetors.  

AN Plumbing. source for brake line adapters, etc.
Goodridge Hoses and Fittings, England. All types of brake and clutch hose and pipe fittings.

British Parts Northwest. Supplier of Brake Servo unit for a BJ8.
And also Front Brake Conversion Units.

Servos and seal kits.

Past Parts in the UK. Specialists in resleeving cylinders and restoring servos. Brake, clutch steering parts.

Power Track, Ltd. in the UK. Everything brakes, clutch, steering and suspensions.

Speed Bleeder brake bleeding system.

Brake Servo rebuilders and power brake kits.
Power Brake Exchange
260 Phelan Avenue, San Jose, CA 95112-6109
 (408) 292-1305
Power Brake Exchange. No email. No web site. Recommended by Southern California Healey Owners.
Watson's Street Works. Miscellaneous parts. Source for a brake pedal operated brake switch retrofitted to many Healeys including mine.

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Site Description

Deoxit Electrical parts cleaner. availble from many sources. Amazon, etc.

Balmar belt tensioner. Not a link. This is available from many sources including Amazon and eBay.

Classic Car Ltd. in England. Siource for LED headlights and other LEDs.

The Distributor Doctor. Highly recommended.

Advance Distributors. Ask for Jeff. Highly recommended.

CP Generators, Southern California Source for LEDs with base that fits our sockets. They also have Positive ground LEDs for those who have not yet converted.

Classic Dynamo and Regulator Conversions. Dynamos to negative ground, regulators to electronic vs mechanical. Lots of technical articles.

British Parts Northwest. Voltage rebuilders and more.

Star Auto Electric -- refurbished alternators, generators, starters, windshield wiper motors, new and refurbished voltage regulators. Also will rebuild yours.

Quick cloth wire wrapping.

VIntage Headlamp Restoration.

Auto Electric Supply. Source for wiring products including bullet connectors.

Beeper with volume control for your trafficator.

Flasher unit for the Third Brake Light. Add more safety to keep that 18-wheeler from rolling over your Healey. Careful - they are negative ground only.

Another source for a Third Brake Light Flasher unit.

Auto Lumination. Source of LED's for stop lights. Specify when ordering if you have Negative or Positive Earth.

LED's and proper usage plus technical articles.
Superlumination. Source for LED's.  

British Car Part Restoration. Restorers of horns and wiper motors. Located in Massachusetts. Once owned by Lawrie Rhoades.
Now owned by Peter Gigliotti.  Highly recommended.

Taff the Horns. Horn repair located in Wales.
Anglo Parts. Source for original type fuses and much much more.

Antique Auto Battery. Call for specific application. They have Lucas cases with an Optima battery inside.

British Auto Electric. Parts and rebuilders of electrical components. No web site
British Auto Electric
2722 East Carnival Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806
Tel: 714-630-1074
Fax: 714-630-3169
Contact: Jerry Felper

Classic and Vintage Bulbs. Most, if not all, bulbs you will need.

Vintage Wire Company, Australia. Highly recommended.

Source for a Third Brake Light as described on the Technical Page in the Safety sub heading. You may receive a call from them after ordering as they want to know why you are ordering a GM part for a Healey! I bought mine from them.

Advance Distributors. Distributor rebuilding. Also, new Rotors with NO rivet.

Link is to a PDF file for Austin Healey Vacuum Advance Units manufactured by British Vacuum Unit, Canterbury Mass.

British Wiring. Source for all types of wiring and bullet connectors.
Charlie Hart

Source for the expanded fuse block as shown in my write-up of changes to the electrical system which can be found on the Technical Pages of this site. Be sure to let him know the model of your car. He has many other items.
Interlight. Source of bulbs and sockets for a plethora of uses. My source to change the rear reflectors to illumination. See Technical Pages for a description.

Mouser Electronics. Source for parts to rebuild Electronic Tach as noted in the Technical page.
Vintage Performance. Supplier of Petronix items. Distributors, modules, coils, wiring sets, Etc.  

Trafficator/horn button repairs provided by Curt Arndt.

Click on the Trafficator to view a brochure which has the services provided phone number, email and postal addresses.

Prospero's Garage. Laminated COLOR wiring diagrams for all models of Healeys. on 11" by 17" stock for easy readability.

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Site Description

Microsoft Word Document
Email only to

John Stuart Brakes and water pumps.
No web site
Thompson British Car, 8756 Amigo Avenue, Northridge Ca. 818-256-0693. Highly recommended rebuilder of transmissions

Remote Clutch Bleeder. Available from British Car Specialists

Rear Main Seal Rope available at NAPA stores.

Rear Seal Kit available from Dennis Welsh. There are other sources. See the installation Video on the Technical page, Engine section.

British Parts Northwest. source for BN1-2 water pumps.
The Vintage Racer Source for Silicone valve cover gaskets.

Abarth Exhaust Systems. Pricey but many Healeyites swear by them.  

Arthur Gould Rebuilders. Water pumps. Used by Healey owners.

Webcon Industries. Source for aluminum cylinder heads.
Alan's Gear Works, Clearwater Florida. Recommend installer for Lempert gears.

Clutch Model RL10 will work for the BN1 clutch, #23 for the other Big Healeys.

Fingers Radiator, North Brunswick, NJ. Recommended highly by members of my club.

TS Imported Automotive. Web site is sketchy but they rebuild waterpumps and engines. Probably worth giving them a call.

Arthur Gould Rebuilders. Rebuilders of Water pumps and Fuel Pumps. Recommended by Healey List members.

West York Radiator Service
1463 W King Street
York, PA 17404-5614


No EMail or Web Site.
Radiators and Fuel Tanks repaired.  

Quantum Mechanics, Connecticut. Transmission rebuilders.
No web site. Contack them at:

Leo Ruof
614-261-6252, Columbus, OH

Highly recommended transmission rebuilder. No web site, just email.

Dorman Industries. Core plugs -- no special tools required for installation.

Electric Water Pump. Davies Craig located in Australia.

Overdrive Spares - located in England but check out their site..

Klassik Transmissions. Located in England but worth a look.

Car Site to find that Toyota transmission for your Smitty conversion.

Jet Hot Coatings.

Engine Paint among other items.

Gear Reduction Starters

Volker Herrman Transmission repairs located in Germany.

Hardy Engineering, United Kingdom. Gear Boxes and parts. Also does repairs.

Delta Cams

DMD Australia
Manufacturer of Aluminum engine blocks and other items.

Elgin Cams

Spin On Oil filter adapters, Fuel pumps. Gas and Oil Lines.

Healey 5-speed
PO Box 561
Harrisburg, NC 28075
704-455-8504 (fax)

(No web site)

Formerly Smitty's Transmission Conversion.
Overdrive repair parts and remanufactured units by former Laycock de Normanville engineers.
Search for part number RX4C2. Magnet for the Transmission drain plug.

Austin Healey Valve Covers 100-4 , 100-6 & 3000

Finned, polished cast aluminum. Ray Juncal.

Rocker Arm Specialists
16576 Clear Creek Road
Redding, CA 96001
Phone (530) 242-1316
Highly recommended.  

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Click on the links, photos or logos below to view the sites
Site Description

Sports Car Centre located in Canada. Source for Penrite products.

Evans Waterless Coolant. Purports to never boil off, etc. Read the description on the site and there is a list of local dealers. Rather expensive but some on the Healey list use it.
Bob the Oil Guy.

Absolutely everything you want to know about lubricants.
Red Line Oil Products dealer locator.

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Click on the links, photos or logos below to view the sites
Site Description

Tremendous site that purports to list all gas stations in the US and Canada that sell no ethanol gas. There are also logos on the site for downloading apps for iphone and android phones.

Sports and Classics. Source for Velocity  Stacks (Ram) Pipes.)

Gas tank Renew. Why buy new when you can patch and eliminate rust.

Permatex. Used to seal fuel guages. Available at

Source for Sunlite Cable housing. Can be used to cover choke cables.

Mouser Electronics. source for a Transil a non-polarity sensitive diode replacement for the fuel pump.

DiMichele located in Germany. Specialists in Webers.

West York Radiator Service
1463 W King Street
York, PA 17404-5614


No EMail or Web Site.
Radiators and Fuel Tanks repaired.  

Dave Dubois, rebuilder of SU Fuel Pumps. Also many interesting articles on fuel systems are on his site.

Joe Curto Rebuilder of SU Carbs and fuel pumps plus parts, etc. Link takes you to British Superior which is his web site.
 Apple Hydraulics

 Rebuilder of shocks, brakes, carburetors.  

Spin On Oil filter adapters, Fuel pumps. Gas and Oil Lines.

Gunk Carburetor Cleaning System. A Youtube presentation

SU Carb Company, England. Parts for ALL SU Carburetors and fuel pumps from the manufacturer.

Tom's Import Toy Store. Source for Carb linkages, pedal extenders and much more!

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Click on the links, photos or logos below to view the sites
Site Description

Foreign Speedo Inc. San Diego, Ca

Vintage British Cables. Source for speedometer cables.

 Gauge restoration service located in Switzerland. Interesting site with lots of items of interest.

Lionel Otto Instruments. Australia. Repairs or source for just instrument faces.  

Foreign Speedo, San Diego, CA 619-298-5278. No fax, no email, no web site but highly recommended by members of the San Diego Austin Healey Club. Speedos, safety gauges, etc.

West Valley Auto Electronics, Inc., 19314 Vanowen Street, Reseda, CA 91335 Phone (818) 758-9500 Fax (818) 758-9504. Rebuilders of Gauges. The "MO" in MOMA.

CAI Gauge located in the UK.

Mo Ma Manufacturing
1321 Second St. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Margaret Lucas
(Click on picture for E-Mail) Universally praised for craftmanship and customer service. The "MA" in MOMA.

Palo Alto Speedometer repairs

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 Major Vendors

Click on the links, photos or logos below to view the sites
Site Description

Tex Automotive. All kinds if hard to find parts such as wiper blades, etc.

Spaenuar. Nice catalog. Source for windshield gaskets.

Little British Car Co. All parts, technical aricles and links to most if not all sites.
Historic Cars. Located in the Czech Republic but ships worldwide. Home page features Fiats but they have an extensive Austin Healey catalogue.
Anglo Parts. Extensive catalog of parts - some hard to find elsewhere.

Clarks Spares. Source for small hard to find items.

British Parts Northwest. Located in Dayton, OR.

All Car Parts, San Fernando Valley, CA. Tell them that Ira Erbs recommended.

Restoration Supply Company, Escondido, CA. Link is to their catalog. US supplier of Penrite oil products. They have many many items of interest -- bulbs, fasteners, etc. etc. Sunday afternoon reading of their catalog is a treat.

Atlanta Imported Auto Parts. Extensive on-line catalog. Carry most parts and accessories found in the largest suppliers.

Autofarm Ltd. Nice catalog. Also do Restorations.

Ahead 4 Healeys. Check out their after market adjustable Steering column. Many other rare or hard to find parts.  

AH Spares. Parts and Information

Restorations, Parts, rare tools in England.
British Car Specialists.
The Nock family. Always ready to give help on the fone.

Brits-N-Pieces. Located in Germany but they have a lot of interesting items.

Cape International,Coventry, UK Distributor of parts.

Denis Welsh Motorsport

Healey Surgeons
Parts, restorations, technical information.

Holden International. Source for many difficult to find parts.

Moss Motors
Love them or hate them - the largest distributor of parts.
Namrick in Great Britain. Every kind of screw, bolt, nut you will need plus weather stripping, molding and tools.

Rock Auto Parts. Worth looking at.

SC Parts. Great Britain. Many recent complaints about reliability. Caveat Emptor.

Tom's Import Toy Store. Source for Carb linkages, pedal extenders and much more!

Victoria British - parts supplier.

Brad Del Sorbo. Located in Connecticut and recommended by Listers who live there. As far as I know sells exclusively on EBay. The link takes you to his EBay store.

New and remanufactured parts. NOS parts.

Parts Geek. Discount parts.

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Click on the links, photos or logos below to view the sites
Site Description

Lokman. All types of clamps. Available on Amazon.
Lost your title? Try this.

Chronos Car Cocks. Wall clocks for most, if not all cars.

Gear ratio/speed/RPM calculator.
Enter 3 or so knowns and solve for the unknown.

Radiator air ducting kit.

Self sealing screws for gas tank fuel sender installation.

Boat Warehouse.
Source for hose clamps and exhaust fittings.

Wheel Skins. Steering wheel covers.

Summit Racing. Engine stands.

I Say Ding Dong. (not kidding, that is the name) a source for all types of Healey decals.

Cafe Press. Literally hundreds of Austin Healey gifts, shirts, cups, etc.

Car Guy Garage. Everything for your garage.
Clarks Spares. Source for small hard to find parts.

Hoover Fence Co. Source for Original style Exhaust Clamps.

Link to Copaslip. Anti-seize compound used by many to keep wire wheels from seizing to the hubs.

Auto Twirler. Source for rotisseries.

Thomas Smith Fasteners. Scotland.

The Plate Depot. Source for Year of Manufacture plates.

Steering Wheel Bob. Steering wheel restoration. Back in business, new very informative website.
Koch's Steering Wheel Restoration. Rather clunky web site but they can either restore or create a new steering wheel from their molds.
The Cover Store. All types of car covers.

Parts Interchangeability. Courtest of J. Scott Morris. Opens a PDF File that will be updated from time to time.

Lee Williams. Source for a "Portable Garage" protective covering. Link is to his email address. Phone number is 502-777-7874. Reported to have fast delivery and excellent workmanship.

Link to E-Z Lok threaded inserts. Purported to work better than Helicoils for stripped threads.

Quickfit Seat Belt. Period webbing and components.

Sailbrite Corp. Source for hard to find fasteners for tonneau covers, etc.

Pensbury Manor Garage. Source for blackening solution to refinish dash knobs. Highly recommended.  
Calvan. Source for Parkerizing Kits. See explaination on their site or read a description of Parkerizing in the Miscellaneous section of the Technical page.

Magic Finger. Magnetized finger tip to enable you to hold small nuts, bolds, washers in tight places.

Griot's Garage. Lots of things not available elsewhere to make your garage experience more enjoyable. Link takes you to a moldeable funnel but there is much more on the site.

The imagination of Charlie Hart. Link to a PDF file which shows some of the products that he makes to give us a more pleasant Healey experience.

Hopkins-Carter Marine. Retailers of blowers that can be used in the cold air vent to the cockpit to increase air flow.
Rogers Motors. Miscellaneous NOS parts.

Triple Plate Chrome and Bumper
2302 E Trent Avenue
Spokane, WA 99207
No Web Site.
West Coast source for Chrome work. Extensive links to companies that manufacture esoteric items such as restoration liquid for knobs, side curtain bags, etc. etc. Nice to view on a long lonely night.
Bolt Depot. Alltypes of fasteners.

Classic Fasteners in Australia. Recommended source.
Bolt Depot. Every bolt, screw, washer or nut that you would ever want. Also has a very inexpensive thread gauge.

Stainless Steel nuts and bolts.

Automotive Racing Products. Another Nut and Bolt Supplier.

NIcal Engineering. Hardtops, hardtop parts, carpeting and a lot more. Look at the entire page as there are some surprise items.

Smooth Line. Hartdops for all models of Healeys.
Kirk's Auto Refitters. Source for the 100 Bonnet strap and other neat items such as the  Dealer Warranty Certificates. The site has an explanation of ZDDP.

Tow Eyes and Tie Down Hooks from Bill Bolton. Click on the image to send him an email to order. Highly recommended.

This page contains a photo, description, intended vehicle use and most current prices for almost every Shelley Jack ever produced.

Source for electronic power steering unit.

Pete Groh's site and business. Here is where you can get your spare keys. Look in the Miscellaneous section of the Technical page for more information on Keys.

Hendrix Wire Wheels. Lots of other items and information. Not just wheels
A vertible plethora of parts, many of which can be used on a Healey and some of which will save some time. Take a look at  their part number MS21042-5 5/16-24 Jet Nut. All Metal Locknut which can be used to more easily remove and put back on your carbs.
The Roadster Factory.
Specializes in TR's and MG's but does carry some parts such as fuses that we can use.

The Monster List. 1,000's of parts suppliers. Careful, it is not completely up to date. Links have NOT been tested. Rather out of date. Will keep this link on the site until it is determined that it may be of no value -- last updated around 10 years ago. Caveat Emptor.

Miscellaneous parts available from one of our Healey List  Friends, Michael Salter. Also, general information

Painting, restorations tools, technical information.

DannMor Equipment. All kinds of lifts.

Max Jack. Source of various types of lifts.

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Click on the links, photos or logos below to view the sites
Site Description

British Classic Car Parts. Source for rear springs.

SAE Products. Source for Zerks. Has a page for British thread sizes.

Anti-Sway Bars

Rotometals. Source of thin zinc sheets to use as "lubrication" spacers for leaf springs.

New and remanufactured parts. NOS parts.

 Apple Hydraulics

 Rebuilder of shocks, brakes, carburetors.  

Putzke's "FAHRSPASS" Bilstein shocks and much more.
Summit Racing Equipment. Miscellaneous items and a source for Sway Bars.

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Click on the links, photos or logos below to view the sites
Site Description

Wire Wheel Detailing kit available from
John Blake, JB's Wire Wheels, 1770 Jose Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA. 95062. 831-465-0617 No email. No web site. Call for information, etc. Highly recommended.
Eurotire, Fairfield NJ. Experts at mounting tires on wire wheels, balancing and tuning them. Highly recommended by friends of mine.

Ken Jones Tires. Source for inner tubes.
Performance Tires. Located in Southern California but they offer FREE shipping.

Wire wheel repair service located in New England. Recommended by Alan Hendrix.

Coker Tire

Vintage Tires

Hendrix Wire Wheels. Lots of other items and information. Not just wheels

Longstone Tires, source for all types and purported to have reasonable shipping charges. Great explaination of what is the proper "tyre" for our cars. A must read. Also click on the following for an interesting read:

Universal Vintage Tire Company.  

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Click below to view the sites
Site Description

Source for Bolt Out tools to remove rounded bolts.

NES Universal thread repair tool. Available at and most probably other sources.

Steering wheel nut removal tool for non-adjustable columns. Instructions to make your own or you can order one from Charlie Hart whose information is on this link.

Samstag Sales, source for Whitworth and King Dick tools among others. Worth a visit.

Original Duplicates. Source for duplicates of original hard to find tools.

Clutch Model RL10 will work for the BN1 clutch, #23 for the other Big Healeys.

Bacon's Dozens. Extensive list of tools., Whitworth, BSF, Metric, etc. etc. Great technical articles especially conversion of Whitworth to other systems. Link is on their home page.
Wiha Quality Tools. High quality precision tools such as specialized screwdrivers, bits, pliers. etc.

Knock off wrench Highly recommended. Send email to Charlie Hart by clicking on the wrench to order.

Whitworth Tools. Tools. Nut and bolt size charts. Great information resource. Hard to find tools.

Classic Car World. Tools and more tools.

For small modelling type of tools that can be used for many other projects.

Harbor Freight - tools for practically every use.

British Car Specialists. The Nock family. Always ready to give help on the fone.

Painting, restorations tools, technical information.
Cape International,
Coventry, UK

Distributor of parts and Tools.

Restorations, Parts, rare tools in England.

Tools to aid in the installation of carpeting. Also available from Harbor Freight.

Abrasives, Paint, Blast Cabinets, Metal Brakes, Painting equipment, Compressors and much more for body work.

Vintage Tool Company. Worth looking at.

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