Periodically I write articles that appear in various Austin Healey magazines published by the various clubs.
These articles are in PDF format. Articles for the years 2007-2013 will be uploaded as soon as I can get around to it.

A short index and the links to the articles follows:

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Article subject
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Removal of Chrome Grill Surround Assembly
Dash Knob Removal
Computers, Etc.
Healey List Archives
Digital Cameras
Bench Testing Wiper Motors
Ammeter Readings
Basic Ignition Coil Questions
Trickle Charging Precautions
Engine Storage
Starting Problems
More Starting Problems
Timing Chain Positioning
Fuel System
SU Fuel Pump
Fuel Filters
BJ8 Choke Cables
Topping Off of Rear End Fluid
Learning to Weld
BMIHT - Heritage Certificates
Helping a Newbie
Removing the ID Plate
Installing an Overdrive,
Overdrive Solenoid
How does the Overdrive work?
Clicking Noise for Trafficators
Four-Way Flashers (Hazard Lights)
Third Brake Light
U-Joint Noises
Kingpin Oilite Washers
Topping off Rear End Fluid
Strange Noises

Strange Vibrations

Repairs, DPO Fixes, Modifications, etc.
(DPO means DAMNED Previous Owner)

See notes at end for a translation of British into American English

1996 Reinstall Splash Apron correctly. DPO had it on wrong.
1996 Reinstall 100-6 Flash on grill. DPO had it on wrong.
1996 Reinstall grill correctly. DPO had it on wrong.
1996 Paint windscreen pillars body color. DPO had left them unpainted.
1996 Repair Overdrive which had been non-functional when I bought the car.

1997  Install a Badge Bar
1997  Install passenger side mirror.
1997  Rebuild the heater fan assembly. Housing was broken.
1997  Install a new mild steel exhaust system.
1997  Install a spin on oil filter assembly.
1997  Anodized cockpit surrounds. DPO had painted them.

1998  Rebuild both carburetors.
1998  Install oil cooler assembly.

1999  Install new tonneau cover with proper Tenax fasteners and other types of snaps.

2001  Install new radiator hoses.
2001  Install new Flasher relay.

2002  Install proper conical rear reflector lenses.

2003  Install starter motor boot.

2005  Replace mild steel exhaust system with a Stainless Steel one.

2005  Install new carburetors. Rebuilt old ones again to be used as spares.
2005  Install new intake manifold.
2005  Replace exhaust manifolds. Weld on ears and fix pinholes.
2005  Replace exhaust manifold downpipe bolts with proper ones instead of jury rigged ones used by the DPO.

2006  Fix sliders on drivers seat assembly.

2007  Reset both bumpers for proper clearance.
2007  Install bumper overrider packing sets on both bumpers. DPO had left them off.
2007  Install missing license plate wiring grommet.
2007  Install engine ground strap. DPO had left it off.

2008  Install mechanical brake light switch.
2008  Install 3rd brake light operated by the mechanical brake light switch.
2008  Install 7-gang fuse block.
2008  Modify rear reflectors to illuminate when mechanical brake light switch is tripped.
2008  Install tilt switch that will turn off the fuel pump when the car is hit from the rear or turns over.
2008  Install in-line fuse for fuel pump.

2009  Install Pertronix ignition.
2009  Install sport ignition coil.
2009  Install wing piping. DPO had never put them on.
2009  Install 3-point seat belts.
2009  Install new side curtain Perspex.

2010  Install Tow hooks.
2010  Install tie down hooks.
2010  Install insulation on the transmission cover.
2010  Replace right angle drive for the speedometer. Now the speedometer works.
2010  Replace cold air duct to cockpit. DPO had used a clothes dryer duct.
2010  Install new fuel pump sender unit.

2011  Install brake and clutch pedal extensions.
2011  Install mesh headlight protectors.
2011  Complete rebuild of braking system.
                       New brake/clutch fluid reservoir
                       New Brake Master cylinder
                       New brake lines
                       New flex hoses
                       New wheel cylinders
                       New brake shoes
                       New 4-way fitting for brake light pressure switch.
                       All drums machined for trueness and painted proper color.
2011  Install clutch bleed extension.
2011  Install proper boot lid gasket. DPO had used a Home Depot weather stripping.
2011  Install battery door hold down straps. DPO had omitted them.   
2011  Install arm rest. DPO had not installed it.
2011  Install drip pan for transmission leaks.

2012  Rebuild clutch system
                          New clutch master cylinder
                          New hydraulic lines
2012  Install proper Bristleflex molding. DPO had cut them short instead of curving them around to the finishers. It is a bear to do but why not do it correctly?
2012  Install coolant recovery system.
2012  Replace cold air to heater duct.
2012  Reset doors with proper Pozi-drive bolts
2012  Install scuttle seals. DPO had omitted them on his restoration.
2012  Fix clutch pedal mechanism. DPO had used the wrong clevis pins whih caused excessive wear to the clutch master cylinder plunger.
2012  Replace windscreen to body seal.
2012  Install wing to door A pillar fasteners. DPO had used JB Weld instead of screws.

2013 Replace rear Dampers.
2013 Fix door latch finishers.
2013 Redo Bristleflex molding properly.
2013 Installed TEFBA Radiator Filter

2014 Replaced main cables Battery to Starter Solenoid and Starter Solenoid to Starter Motor. DPO had them wrapped in tape.


Bonnet is a hood
Boot is a trunk
Damper is a shock absorber
Hood is the removeable convertible top.
Perspex is Plexiglass
Safety gauge is a combination oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge
Side Curtains are removeable side window assemblies
Trafficator is a turn signal mechanism.
Windscreen is a windshield
Wing is a fender.