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Lucas Training Course
From the Prince of Darkness Courtesy of Alan Seigrist

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Table of contents and introduction

Lesson 1 - Battery

Lesson 2 - Starting Motors

Lesson 3 - Coil Ignition

Lesson 4 - Generators

Lesson 5 - Generator Output Control

Lesson 6 - Vehicle Wiring Circuits

Lesson 7 - Lighting

Lesson 8 - Windshield Wipers and other auxiliary circuits and equipment

Lesson 9 -  Electrically Controlled Overdrive

Various Service Manuals. Some of these files are VERY long.

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Tuning Lucas Ignition Systems
Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual

SU Carburetor and Fuel Pump Manual

SU Fuel Pump Repair Kit Instructions

Laycock de Normanville Overdrive Manual for Austin Healey 100's

Girling Servo Units

Girling Catalog and Component Illustrations

British Wiring Catalog.
Smith's Catalog. Relevant pages for Smith's Gauges. Link is to the Austin Healey Club of Southern Ontario. Look at this site for other information.
Speedomotor Repair.

Lucas catalog of everything Lucas. Interesting but very long. Nice on a snowy winter's night.

100-6 Repair Manual in PDF format. Courtesy Larry Varley.
(Probably AKD1179A)

Rich Chrysler's Introduction to Austin Healey Restoration

Lucas manual on windshield wipers volume 1

Lucas manual on windshield wipers volume 2

Workshop Manual AKD 1179H
This manual is dated 1977 and covers all Healeys from 1956 to 1968

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General Data including maintenance schedules and other information not found elsewhere.

Sections A, AA, AAA Engine

Sections B, BB, BBB Ignition

Sections C, CC, CCC Cooling System

Sections D, DD, DDD Fuel System

Sections E, EE, EEE Clutch

Sections F, FF, FFF Gearbox

Sections G, GG, GGG Overdrive
Section H Propeller Shaft   

Sections J, JJ, JJJ  Rear Axle and Suspension

Sections K KK KKK Steering

Sections L LL LLL Front Suspension and Front Hubs

Sections M MM MMM Brakes

Sections N NN NNN Electrical System

Section O Wheels and Tyres

Sections P PP PPP Bodywork

Section Q Lubrication

Section R Chassis Frame

Section S Heater

Section T Service Tools
Note -- there is no Section I and never was.

Service Parts List for all models. Courtesy of John New.
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Microsoft Word Document
Microsoft Word Document
Microsoft Word Document
Microsoft Word Document

Service Parts List for later model 3000's Courtesy of Simon Lachlan.
Great for seeing the proper sequencing of parts for items such as front hubs, etc. Most pages are applicable to all 6 cylinder cars.

Part 1. Pages 1 to 31 Introduction and Index  
Part 2. Pages 32 to 53 Engine  Page A1 to Plate AD

Part 3. Page 54 to 74 a11 to a22
Part 4. Pages 75 to 149
Part 5. Pages 150 to 191
Part 6. Pages 226 to 266
Part 7. Pages 267 to 300
Part 8. Pages 300 to 317

Service Bulletins courtesy of J. Scott Morris
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From 1955-1956

From 1960

From 1961

BMC Standard Parts Fasteners

Other Service Bulletins
Parts List Amendment Service Bulletin A-178  Included in the 1960 Bulletins.
Disk Brakes Wear of Pads Service Bulletin A-205 Included in the 1960 Bulletins.
 Modification A-278 Accelerator Shaft Bushes Included in the 1960 Bulletins.
Modification A-283 Timing Chain Tensioner Included in the 1960 Bulletins.
Service Bulletin A-326 Control Box Modifications Included in the 1961 Bulletins.
Service Bulletin A-437 Seat Belt FItting Included in the 1961 Bulletins.